Call Vignettes

The following vignettes are representative of the types of calls received by the National Human Trafficking Resource Center and are meant for informational purposes only. Names, locations, and other identifying information have been changed and/or omitted to preserve the confidentiality of the populations we serve. Please click on each topic below to see additional vignettes of the same category.

photo-sectionSex Trafficking

A community member encountered a distraught young woman in a restaurant, who told the community member that she lived at a motel and was forced to engage in commercial sex against her will.

photo-sectionLabor Trafficking

A counselor explained that a few days ago 14-year-old boy from Ethiopia and his aunt came to her agency, and that she suspected the boy may be a labor trafficking victim.

photo-sectionFake Massage Businesses

The hotline received an anonymous call from a young woman, offering information about potential sex trafficking at a fake massage business.

photo-sectionAgriculture & Farms

Marco decided to come to the U.S. to work for a forestry company after being approached by a labor recruiter in his hometown in El Salvador.

photo-sectionInternet Based

In a panic, a distraught mother contacted the National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC) after seeing pictures online advertising her 16-year-old daughter for commercial sex.

photo-sectionDomestic Servitude

A counselor from a rape crisis center called the hotline because she suspected that one of her patients, a 19-year-old woman from St. Lucia, may be a victim of domestic servitude.

photo-sectionResidential Brothel

An officer responded to a report that commercial sex was occurring at a residential building, and recognized many potential trafficking indicators.

photo-sectionHostess & Strip Clubs

After meeting a young female in a night club who asked for help in leaving a potential labor trafficking situation, an anonymous male from Santa Fe, NM called the hotline.

photo-sectionStreet Prostitution

After several counseling sessions, a 15-year-old boy told his school guidance counselor that he engages in commercial sex.

photo-sectionRestaurant & Food Service

A woman and her three young children arrived in the U.S. after being recruited by a man offering work at his restaurant. Once at the restaurant, the recruiter explained that they must never try to leave or he would harm the children.

photo-sectionEscort Services

After confronting her friend about her long absences from school, a young woman learned that her friend's stepfather forces her to engage in prostitution.

photo-sectionHospitality Industry

While looking at an online job forum with postings from diverse sources, a woman in Austin, TX came across an advertisement recruiting females to work as cocktail waitresses at an exclusive club.

photo-sectionTruck stop

Late one night, a truck driver observed a man who appeared to be in his late thirties with a young girl who appeared to be around 13 years old.

photo-sectionSmall Businesses

An ESL teacher contacted the National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC) to report a suspicious situation involving several of her students and their parents.

photo-sectionPimp-Controlled Prostitution

A young man told his grandfather that his sister was involved with a pimp, and that one of his sister's teenage classmates and the pimp were involved in the recruitment and control of additional minor girls.

photo-sectionSales Crews

Two male friends told a community member they wanted to leave their salescrew, and the community member provided the young men with the hotline number.

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- Survivor of Labor Trafficking & Client of Polaris

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