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Personal Fundraising Pages

With a few clicks, you can create your own fundraising campaign page! You can post a picture of yourself and write about human trafficking and Polaris. It is also a great platform to express why you are passionate about ending human trafficking. Once complete, you will share your page with others and ask them to support your campaign and see the donations as they come in! Polaris will automatically send out a thank you note and a gift receipt. All donations are fully tax-deductible.

Start your personal fundraising campaign now!

4 Quick Steps to Setting up a Personal Fundraising Page!

Step 1 - Fill out ‘Your Information’
Step 2 – Fill in ‘Customize your Fundraising Page.’ Name the page.  Use the description to share with others the reason you have decided to fundraise. What makes you passionate about ending human trafficking and why do you hope others will support Polaris? Create your own or use our sample text.
Step 3 – Fill out the amount of money you’d like to raise
Step 4 – Email your friends and family!!

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Client Quotes

"Thanks to Polaris Project, I have a job, a home, and many friends that help me when I need it. I am making a life of my own."


- Survivor of Labor Trafficking & Client of Polaris