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This monthly newsletter is a tool created by the National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC) to share relevant and timely information and events with the anti-trafficking field.

NHTRC Newsletters





  • NHTRC Newsletter December 2011 (The National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC); Featured Statistics: Hotline Outcomes) (12/15/2011)
  • NHTRC Newsletter - November 2011 (Resources for Health-care Professionals; Featured Hotline Callers: Medical Professionals) (11/15/2011)
  • NHTRC Newsletter - October 2011 (Intersections of Human Trafficking & Domestic Violence Online Training; Featured Hotline Statistics: Intimate Partner/Familial Trafficking) (10/14/2011)
  • NHTRC Newsletter - September 2011 (Domestic Servitude At-A-Glance; Statistics of the Month: Domestic Servitude) (09/15/2011)
  • NHTRC Newsletter - August 2011 (Tools for Educators and School-Based Professionals; Featured Hotline Callers: Educators) (08/15/2011)
  • NHTRC Newsletter - July 2011 (Building a Community Crisis Response Protocol with the NHTRC Hotline; Training & Technical Assistance Highlight: Intensive Trainings; Hotline Statistics of the month: Crisis Calls) (07/15/2011)
  • NHTRC Newsletter - June 2011 (Assessment Tools; PSAs; Training & Technical Assistance Highlight: Materials Reviews; Hotline Statistics of the Month: Calls from Potential Victims) (06/15/2011)
  • NHTRC Newsletter - May 2011 (Direct Outreach Materials; Featured Hotline Callers: H-2A and H-2B Visa Holders) (05/15/2011)
  • NHTRC Newsletter - April 2011 (Specific Sex Trafficking Network Materials; The NHTRC Launches New Website; Featured Hotline Calls:Asian Massage Parlors and Latino Residential Brothels) (04/15/2011)
  • NHTRC Newsletter - March 2011 (Building a Comprehensive Local Response; Resources for Task Forces and Law Enforcement; Training & Technical Assistance Highlight: Local Capacity Building and Referral Protocols; Featured Hotline Callers:Law Enforcement and Social Service Providers) (03/15/2011)
  • NHTRC Newsletter - February 2011 (Youth-Focused Materials; Featured Hotline calls: Traveling Sales Crews) (02/18/2011)
  • NHTRC Newsletter – January 2011 (Public Awareness Materials; Training & Technical Assistance Highlight: Materials Reviews; Unexpected Hotline Callers: Buyers of Commercial Sex; Super Bowl XLV: Human Trafficking Outreach and Awareness Efforts) (01/13/2011)


  • NHTRC Newsletter - December 2010 (Trafficking 101 Training Tools; Featured Trend: Truck Stops; Signs of Success: Local Campaigns Raise Awareness About Trafficking and the NHTRC Hotline) (12/12/2010)
  • Inaugural NHTRC Newsletter(Intersections of Domestic Violence and Trafficking; Regional Specialists in the NHTRC; Hotline Trends: J-1 Visas)  (11/10/2010)


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The USA-TIP listserv is a peer-to-peer technical support mechanism to allow NGO and law enforcement field practitioners to share anti-trafficking practices and strategies.  Membership is limited to service providers and advocates who are members of a human trafficking coalition or who work with clients who are victims of trafficking; local, state and federal law enforcement who investigate trafficking cases; federal and state government employees; and attorneys. To submit a request to be added to the USATIP listserv, click here.

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