Friday News Roundup: Truckers join drive on U.S. highways to tackle sex trafficking

Mary Ann Badavi |November 20, 2015

In this week's news: Backpage CEO ignores subpoena, sex trafficking is exposed in Twitter saga, and a high school senior creates a tool to curb trafficking.

Dear Congress, #DontCutVOCA

Elaine McCartin|November 18, 2015

In 1984, the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) authorized the Crime Victims Fund to help victims receive the services they need – but now Congress wants to take $1.5 billion dollars from the Fund for other spending.

Friday News Roundup: CNN on sex trafficking in Mexico

Elaine McCartin|November 13, 2015

This week, the CNN Freedom Project aired a series that explores a small Mexican town called Tenancingo—a town many advocates describe as one of the sex trafficking capitals of the world.